Bosals & Hackamores

CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME: If you see a bosal that's marked 'out of stock' or want one that's a little different from pictured,  please send me a note.

Each bosal is hand-crafted and one of a kind. I use a lot of kangaroo leather in my projects as I can set it down anytime and pick it up and go again. Kangaroo is much stronger than calf leather for small strings. On some of my smaller buttons it can be split down to 1/32" and still retain the strength. On larger bosal bodies it is so even that I do not have to split it. Working with rawhide requires more time as you have to work with the strings with the correct moisture. That’s why a lot of my bosal bodies are rawhide; I can get those braided and take my time with the buttons.

All of my rawhide and kangaroo come from suppliers from the United States. The kangaroo leather is all drum stuffed, which means the color is pushed into the leather and grease is added at that time. I use rawhide in 90% of my cores. They are either recycled riata’s, braided pieces of rawhide, twisted rawhide or single strings. Occasionally I will use a piece of round leather stock as a core for a softer feel.

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